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Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing
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Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing

By 49thShelf
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Shortlist was announced on January 15. http://www.writerstrust.com/Awards/Shaughnessy-Cohen-Prize-for-Political-Writing.aspx
What We Talk About When We Talk About War

What We Talk About When We Talk About War

also available: Paperback

An Amazon.ca Editor's Pick for 2012 and a Globe and Mail Top 100 Book of 2012
Shortlisted, Governor General's Award for Non-Fiction, Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, and John W. Dafoe Book Prize
Longlisted, Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction

A provocative examination of how communications has shaped the language of the media, and vice versa, and how rhetoric shapes how Canadians thinks of themselves as a nation and Canada's engagement in peacekeeping, war, and on the inte …

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Chronic Condition

Chronic Condition

Why Canada's Health Care System Needs To Be Dragged Into The 21c
also available: Hardcover

Medicare is the third rail of Canadian politics. Touch it and you die. Every politician knows this truism, which is why no one wants to debate it. Privately, many of them understand that the health-care system, which costs about $200 billion a year in public and private money, cannot continue as it is—increasingly ill-adapted to an aging popula­tion with public costs growing faster than government revenues.

In Chronic Condition, Jeffrey Simpson explores the options we have to grapple with thi …

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The Merger Delusion

The Merger Delusion

How Swallowing Its Suburbs Made an Even Bigger Mess of Montreal

Powerless under the country's constitution, Canadian municipal governments often find themselves in conflict with their provincial masters. In 2002, the Province of Quebec forcibly merged all cities on the Island of Montreal into a single municipality - a decision that was partially reversed in 2006. The first book-length study of the series of mergers imposed by the Parti Québécois government, The Merger Delusion is a sharp and insightful critique by a key player in anti-merger politics. Pete …

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