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Picture Books About Grandparents
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Picture Books About Grandparents

By 49thShelf
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These books are amazing stories that underline the magic and importance if multigenerational ties.
My Two Grandmothers

My Two Grandmothers


Acadian Mémère and Scottish Nannie seem to have nothing in common but their grandchildren, but in this endearing picture book from bestselling author Diane Carmel Léger and noted illustrator Jean-Luc Trudel, difference is celebrated. A co-publication with New Brunswick's award-winning Bouton d'or Acadie and simultaneously published in French, Nannie and Mémère is a whimsically illustrated, heartwarming tale of the special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren, and a celebratio …

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Not-So-Faraway Adventure, The

Not-So-Faraway Adventure, The


“Theo's Poppa was an explorer. He had been everywhere. He kept an old trunk packed with the pictures, postcards, maps and menus that he had collected on his adventures.” Someday, Theo wants to be an explorer, too. For now, it's Poppa's birthday, and Theo has planned a special trip to the beach with him to celebrate. They plot out their course on a map they've drawn and then take the streetcar to the local beach, where they stroll in the sand, hunt for stones and slurp gazpacho at the beachsi …

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Missing Nimama

Missing Nimama

also available: Hardcover

Kateri is a young girl, growing up in the care of her grandmother. We see her reaching important milestones her first day of school, first dance, first date, wedding, first child along with her mother, who is always there, watching her child growing up without her.

Told in alternating voices, Missing Nimama is a story of love, loss, and acceptance, showing the human side of a national tragedy. An afterword by the author provides a simple, ageappropriate context for young readers.

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Nôhkom is teaching me to make fry bread. I stand on a chair at the kitchen counter and measure flour into her green mixing bowl.
"Your mother loved to cook with me when she was your age," she says.
"Does my mother speak Cree?" I ask.
"She does," nôhkom says. "Just like you."
"Did you tell her trickster stories, like you tell me?"
"Of course, kamâmakos. She liked Wisahkecahk stories best."
"Just like me!" I say. "Did you teach her beadwork and shawl dance?"
"I did." Nôhkom smiles at me. "Your mother is a beautiful dancer, Kateri. Just like you."
"Can we look at your photo albums, nôhkom?" I ask. She smiles as she takes one off the shelf. I climb off my chair and onto her lap and turn the pages, looking at my mother. When she was little, she looked just like me.

Thank you, nimama. Thank you for taking care of my child after raising your own.
Thank you for cooking and cleaning and doing laundry and buying birthday gifts and drying tears.
Thank you for telling Kateri about me.
For sharing stories about her mother with her.
For reminding her how much very I love her.
For not letting her forget me.

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by Jo Ellen Bogart
illustrated by Barbara Reid
also available: Paperback Hardcover
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A little girl's grandmother travels the world and brings her back the gifts of love and respect for a hundred different places.

A Message from Jo Ellen Bogart I have always been a curious person. When I have a question about something, I like to go looking for the answer. Writing gives me the chance to investigate many subjects that interest me and even find new subjects I would not have thought of otherwise. I hope that my books give you lots to think about.

Jo Ellen Bogart

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