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Newfangled Styles for Newfangled Lives: Guest Post by Tanya Lloyd Kyi September 1, 2011
What I Read on my Summer Vacation: Guest Post by Andrew Larsen September 8, 2011
For Young Readers: Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2012 August 19, 2012
Andrea Curtis on the International Lunch Box and Learning to Write for Kids September 16, 2012
Notes from a Children's Librarian 940s: History in Graphic Form March 24, 2013
Halloween Exclusive: An Interview with Scaredy Squirrel October 27, 2013
Canadian Kids' Bookstores Choose Their Top Books for Little Kids in 2013 December 10, 2013
Most Anticipated: Spring 2014 Kids' Books Preview January 20, 2014
The Story of Lucy, Canada's Last Northern Elephant August 14, 2014
Notes from a Children's Librarian: Art Books November 18, 2014
Most Anticipated: Our Fall 2015 Books for Young People Preview August 16, 2015
Gallery: Mary Wallace and An Inuksuk Means Welcome September 6, 2015
Illustrator Gallery: The Work of Dawn Baker November 19, 2015
Illustrator Gallery: Geraldo Valério and Canadian Wildlife on the Loose October 30, 2016
Books for the Holidays: For Kids December 14, 2016
Notes from a Children's Librarian: Books on Kindness and Caring July 20, 2017
2017 Seeds of a Story: Part One November 13, 2017
The Chat with Governor General's Award Winner Jonathan Auxier November 28, 2018
The Chat with Governor General's Award Winner Jillian Tamaki December 6, 2018
The Chat with Governor General's Award Winner Sydney Smith November 29, 2019

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