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hmmm... write about myself... well... <br />
<br />
i am a female in my 30's and i live in vancouver bc and i am married, although no kids... yet (unless you count my hubbie). <br />
<br />
i like VW (volkswagens), interior design / architecture, baking, reading books (check out www.goodreads.com ), scrapbooking / crafts, bret & jemaine from flight of the conchords, music & dancing and traveling when we can afford it . - oh & sleeping :) hehehe<br />
<br />
i have travelled through western canada and western part of the usa, about 1/3 of europe - still wanting to check out some more of the polynesian islands, as well as, australia & new zealand. but italy keeps on calling me back - not sure why i have this love affair with this beautiful country. (don't feel bad, my hubbie loves italy, too!) <br />
<br />
warmest greetings from vancouver, canada

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